Twistory Tales – Episode Eighteen: September

Welcome to Twistory Tales, the Richard Usher one-man comedy Podcast! Featuring recreations of history for September down the ages from ‘The Shape of Things To Come’ to the Blackpool Illuminations…and a little bonus extra from one Ben Bernard…

Written and Presented by Richard A. Usher

Sketches Performed by Richard A. Usher

Jazz Comedy Theme music courtesy of

All sketch and linking material © 2017 Richard A. Usher

Cover Artwork by Geoff Motley

(Please note that use of additional music from a variety of sources is for creative purposes only and not intended as a breach of any copyright)

Media Creative: Voice Artist, performer, supporting artiste, writer, broadcaster and stage 'Goon'! Lover of comedy, film music and a pot of Darjeeling.

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