Creative Loose Ends

StudioTidying up creative loose ends can be quite a therapeutic exercise.  I began 2014 with a trawl through my files of unmade scripts and my archive of cassette tapes and mini discs.  I came to the conclusion that although they meant a lot to me on a purely sentimental level, they wouldn’t necessarily have value to anyone else.  I considered digitising my cassettes, the majority being ROT’s (recordings of transmission) of my old BBC Radio output, but opted instead to clip some favourite moments that brought me pleasure and box the rest up to store in the loft.  At the end of the day who is ever going to want to listen to them again?  Certainly not me!  I tried BBC Archives (every window…), but alas they didn’t respond to my generous offer of my own library.  There are some things in life, archives and such that simply anchor one to the past and prevent a move forwards.  I felt that my best move to continue forward momentum was to put away this record of past achievements and prepare for those that hopefully lie ahead.

Now, when it came to boxing up old scripts that was a different situation entirely.  During my trawl I rediscovered an envelope of beautifully bound scripts I’d sent to legendary radio producer Dirk Maggs.  It wasn’t entirely unsolicited material as I’d discussed the possibility with Mr Maggs when we met during the recording of the 50th Anniversary ‘Goon Show’ in London.  He seemed quite amenable to the notion of reading my comedy efforts, and so I eagerly sent him my work.  I was probably a little too eager.  The envelope eventually returned to me with a lovely comp slip thanking me for the submission, but the scripts clearly had not been read.  I remember the slump of disappointment quite clearly.  Well, after I’d unearthed them it seemed a shame to throw them in the recycling bin without having a quick read, so I had a swift browse through my old work.  There was some good material in those A4 volumes, much of it beyond my technical reach in 2001, lovely imaginative material though I say it myself.  These days of course I have more advanced facilities at my disposal, so just for giggles I decided to pick my favourite sketches and give them a go.  I really enjoyed the process, and it gave me that buzz I used to have creating crazy little comedy moments back in the day.  It all turned out rather well, so I placed the resulting “show” on DropBox for friends to enjoy.  I know this material will never get an airing, but that wasn’t why I made it.  What a truly marvellous and fun way to tie up loose ends eh?

By the way, if your curiosity is getting the better of you, or you fancy a chuckle, do feel free to leave me a message / email and I might be persuaded to send you the link to the audio.  Hey, wouldn’t it be strange if I heard from some chap called Maggs…?  As Jeeves might say, “Most unlikely sir…”

Creative Loose Ends by Richard A. Usher

Creative Loose Ends © 2014 Richard A. Usher

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