Blog Off, Ben Bernard! Episode Forty Two: Ben Bernard’s Christmas Carol

The #MasterOfMirth brings you his 2020 festive special, accidently featuring his sole agent and business manager, Tony Tatting, Jr. (Geoff Motley). Entirely what you’d expect from Ben for the Yuletide holiday!

Written & Performed by Richard Usher & Geoff Motley, and featuring Joyce Motley
Edited and Produced by Richard Usher
Ben Bernard Theme by John Ryan
Ben Bernard Jingle Bells arranged and performed by John Ryan
Ben Bernard’ Created by Richard A. Usher & Paul Speed
‘Blog Off, Ben Bernard!’ © Richard A. Usher & Larynx Productions 2003 & 2020

Media Creative: Voice Artist, performer, supporting artiste, writer, broadcaster and stage 'Goon'! Lover of comedy, film music and a pot of Darjeeling.

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